bath and rain shower - Sorgente Holiday Cottage

The Luxury Bathroom

The luxury bathroom was not the reason we chose the name Sorgente for our Cornish Holiday Cottage. But you’d be forgiven for thinking so. Sorgente is an Italian word meaning SOURCE, usually water source or spring. But it can also be used for the source of energy. With excellent water pressure and a large gas combi boiler delivering copious amounts of water through the rain shower.

Bathing you not only in water but also in lots of light, including natural light from a large skylight window.

The added luxury of a bidet, and a bath large enough for two, avoids the need for shower curtains. The bathroom is tiled completely using Italian porcelain, adding to the luxurious experience.

And due to the heat recovery system there are no noisy fans each time you switch on the light and no more steamy mirrors!

The bathroom is upstairs and conveniently situated between the twin bedroom and the master bedroom.

Please note: The bath is high-sided and wide, the contemporary shower is not walk-in and there are no hand rails. There are no shower curtains, the floor gets wet yes. But under normal use even with very enthusiastic kids, the amount never forms puddles and dries quickly. These things should be considered carefully if any guests are elderly and/or physically infirm.

bath and rain shower - Sorgente Holiday Cottage

Sorgente bathroom Quality fittings at Sorgente holiday cottage

bath and rain shower - Sorgente Holiday Cottage

Entrance to the Italian inspired bathroom - Sorgente holiday cottage, Cornwall

Bathroom conveniently situated between the two bedrooms in Sorgente holiday cottage, Cornwall