Kitchen and dining room - Sorgente Holiday Cottage

The Kitchen and Dining room

Visit the Kitchen and Dining Room at Sorgente Cornish Holiday Cottage

The Kitchen – Dining room is very well equipped with many extras you’d not expect to find, as well as those you would, such as microwave, washing machine and a four slice toaster. Situated between the living room and the garden, the double-glazed patio window allows natural light to penetrate the …

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Villavent Heat Recovery System Sorgente Cornish Holiday Cottage

Heat recovery system

We added the luxury of a Villavent heat recovery system in the cottage which aims to meet targets of low energy consumption but also importantly keeps the home fresh and dry removing condensation and dust, ideal for those whose may have an allergy such as asthma. The system uses filters which are cleaned or replaced twice a year through which all incoming air and recycled air passes through. It automatically detects when there is steam in the bathroom and the Kitchen and continues to replenish …

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